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First Drive
Audi A4: Bigger and Better
Audi A4
If you ever want to travel across the world on road, you better do it in an Audi A4. The biggest advantage apart from the usual reliability and comfort, if you choose this Audi for your daring adventure, will be the fuel-efficiency.

At the most, you will go to fuel station a second time before you complete the long long journey. Even if you are bad driver, a third visit should be more than enough. In these times of expensive fuel and evapourating world economy, you don’t feel the pinch a wee bit for undertaking such a drive! Don’t you believe this!? I did not either until I had driven new A4 last month.

While handing over the Audi 4 to me at her office for a test drive, Karin Haferkorn, PR Manager of Volkswagen Middle East explained about the vehicle and told me to put premium fuel in case I need more. She however hastened to add: “But I don’t think you will need more fuel for four days”.

I didn’t take her words seriously then because I had not completed any test-drive without putting extra fuel so far. Moreover, I got this vehicle for a weekend and an out-of-Dubai drive would invariably be on the cards. Then how on the earth would I complete the drive with just one full-tank? I wondered.

On the day one, I went around in Dubai, then for the weekend I drove to Umm Al Quwain where also I spent a lot of time driving the car in the town as well as surrounding areas while thinking that I would have to put fuel at some point of time before returning to Dubai. Shockingly, there was plenty of fuel left even after I drove back to Dubai where I used it for another day before returning to its rightful owner with more than half-a-tank of gasoline in it! That’s what makes it stand out among its peers.

Apart from the excellent fuel economy, the car has several other exciting features that put it on par with its competitors like BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class and a little ahead. The new generation A4 I tested came with advanced key including keyless entry and keyless start, electronic parking brake, remote controlled central locking, electronically-folding exterior mirrors, Audi drive select and Audi parking system.

Under the hood, the four-door compact executive sedan has 1.8 l Turbo FSI engine with front-wheel drive that produces 160 bhp peak power from 4500 to 6200 rpm and reaches maximum torque of 250 Nm at 1500 rpm, continuing till 4500 rpm. It zooms to 100 kph in 8.6 sec and has a top speed of 218 km/h. Transmission is from multitronic automatic system. Audi is also offering 3.2 l FSI V6 quattro engine with 265 bhp power here in Middle East. It has tiptronic auto transmission and rear-biased four-wheel drive.

Known internally in Audi as B8 series, the new A4 is built on Audi Modular Longitudinal Platform that enabled Audi designers to enhance its wheelbase to 2808 mm, an significant increase of 160 mm over the previous model, though the overall length went up by only 117 mm to 4703 mm. Thanks to these enhancements, rear passengers have ample legroom now.

Though the new A4 is bigger in all dimensions than the model it replaced, it curb weight is considerably less mainly because of lightweight materials used for suspension, steering, wheels and brakes and there lies the secret for its fuel economy that will definite put endless smiles on faces of all those who own it.

Its multimedia interface (MMI) coupled with Bang & Olufsen sound system gives a real pleasure to the music lovers, though sometimes I found it little complicated when I tried to tune in my favourite radio stations. That should not be a big problem in a car which offers so many best things and makes your life so much easier in cities like Dubai where driving is often considered as punishment rather than pleasure given the kind of traffic on the roads round the clock.

We have to put up with traffic here whether we like it or not because Dubai is growing at a frenetic phase and such things are common in a city which is on a super fast track to become one of the best cities in the world. Cars like Audi 4 will come in handy here for those who can afford them because it has Audi drive select system. So you can press ‘comfort’ button for comfortable crawling when you are in traffic and go for ‘dynamic’ button when there is no traffic on the road and want to have little josh of driving. But sometimes you will be in confused state and you don’t know what to do. Such situations arise only in evenings or mornings. In the evenings because of a long day of hard work at office and in the mornings obviously because of a bad time with your better half. For such situations, Audi has an option called ‘Auto’. Press it and there will be a cocktail of comfort and dynamism under your driving seat while you will have plenty of time at your disposal to ponder about your life ahead and probe about questions like: “What is life?”

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