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05 August, 2016 at 12:14 PM
Datsun Go, Go+ go stylish this time
By P Prabhakar
Datsun Go Style
Datsun, the affordable brand of Nissan, has spiced up its festive offerings in India by launching two limited editions – Datsun Go and Go+ Style. Both the Style editions are available in the T trim and will be on sale from August through October 2016.

While the Datsun Go+ Style is available at INR 4.06 lakh ($6,080), the Datsun Go+ Style comes at INR 4.77 lakh ($7,140; ex-showroom, Delhi), with the both costing nearly INR 10,000 ($150) more than the respective regular avatars.

For the extra dough, Datsun is offering the special editions in a new ‘blue’ colour, in addition to the existing ‘white’ and ‘ruby’ colours. Other exterior features include roof rails, a rear spoiler, body graphics and the Style edition logo. Inside, a dual tone black and beige interior is on offer alongside a piano black centre instrument cluster with silver finish accents.

 “The Style editions add more choices for customers and complement Datsun Go and Go+ attractive design, making these cars even more appealing to the youth,” feels Arun Malhotra, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd.

Datsun retained regular features of both Datsun Go and Go+ for the special editions. The features include follow-me-home headlamps, electric power steering, front power windows, mobile phone holder, auxiliary-in and USB charger, central locking and full wheel covers.

As with the regular avatars, a 1,200 cc petrol engine powers both Datsun Go and Go+ specials. Mated to a five-speed manual transmission, the power plant generates 68 PS power and a peak torque of 104 Nm. The carmaker claims a fuel economy of 20.6 kmpl from both the Datsun Go Style and Datsun Go+ Style.

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